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Kids Uniting:
Our children' ministry works on an occassional basis. We have regular family services which cater for all ages. During the Sunday service at 10.30am on some Sundays our  teacher Fiona provides a program featuring craft, yoga and guided meditation. The children learn about key Biblical stories in a supportive and creative environment.
Have your children be part of this unique learning experience where they can bring together head and heart, they can develop their intelligence and goodness and have fun.
Children learn about the Christian faith and Biblical story and the role they can play in transforming society.

At Kids Uniting and we ...

- read from the Bible and present a positive God. We relate the lesson to real life so that the children can understand.

- do yoga, meditation and positive affirmations. Both the yoga and meditations are taken by the children and the affirmations are read by the children. The teacher participates with the children. 

the class takes place in a supportive environment and is inclusive of all types of families.

We also have 2 Art Exhibitions per year to show the children's art work.

Family Nights:
Children are welcome at our regular family nights.
These may include fish and chips, pizzas and films for kids.

This developmental learning program for pre-schoolers is run during the week. Children learn ABC’s and 1,2,3’s through dance, art and craft and get a headstart in school readiness.

Approximately 18 sessions per week, for 1 hour duration, featuring 4 experienced teachers working with up to 100 families in the area.

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